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 Lots of ways to learn more about the Lord & develop a stronger relationship with Him! 

NEW Bible Study for you!
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Bible Study
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Bible Study about Freedom for you! 

I want to help you grow in your relationship with God

Weekly Devotional for you!

July 12, 2024-
Walk With Me

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Sowing it forward

The Lord told us in prayer one night that "bibles are needed"! Thus, we have decided to give our tithe portion for the purchase of any of my 4 books to help send bibles over seas. 

You can help us get His word out! Get copies for your friends, family members or your church! We are so grateful for your help!

My Newest Book

     I am so excited to finally have a real Bible Study for you!  It's not just a book and it's not a book's a real DEEP DIVE into studying the Word of God and a chance to grow in your relationship with the Lord! Grow in a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him and in communication with Him. 
     In FREEDOM THROUGH THE SHEPHERD, you will go on your own journey to freedom with me! The Lord took me from brokenness to a purity of life and freedom and He will for you too! Being in the Word of God is KEY.
In this study, each week, you will read the chapter, watch the teaching video yourself or with your group and study at least 3 scriptures in depth.  You will also have just a few bible study questions and activities. 
     Now is your time to grow in the Lord!  He is doing a mighty thing! 

Check out our Prayer video from our YouTube podcast: 

Check out our Word & podcast:

About My Books

     Look What God Can Do is a book about the transformational power of God amidst my personal testimony.  I wrote this book with the intent of pointing to the Lord, not to myself. I believe you will learn more about the Lord and how to have a closer connection with Him in your day-to-day life!  This book will bring hope to all who read it!  I pray it will be a vessel to bring you to more freedom in Christ!

     When you read, Comfort in a Changing World, you hear Cindy's voice, her story and how the Lord comforts! The Lord has shown Cindy the keys to get through this life in His strength and comfort as well as how to pass that on to others!  He meets us where we are and gives us the exact comfort we need in any and every situation in our lives. Relying on Him in this life & in this changing world is critical for victory. His comfort is perfect!

     My book, Peace...We All Need It , is super on time for all of us! His peace is a gift to us and He calls us to receive it from Him and live in it!  This book will show you the heart of God and many more of His attributes. His provision, protection, and His presence are just a few.  He does not give the peace the world gives, my friends.  He gives us His peace!  I can't wait for you to take this journey to freedom in His peace!  It's a priceless gift waiting for you! 

     In my FREEDOM THROUGH THE SHEPHERD bible study, you will go on an amazing journey with the Lord to find your complete freedom!  You will do a DEEP DIVE into the Word of God and grow in your relationship with the Lord. He has brought me from brokenness to a purity of life & freedom. Walk with me through your own journey to freedom from life's issues & soul imprisonment to living in the Lord's righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 
     This bible study was created for individual and group study with bible study questions and activities PLUS 11 teaching videos on an included playlist link. Such GREAT EQUIPPING is awaiting you! 

-Amanda White, author of Truth in the Tinsel & blogger at

"Cindy Ussery is a powerhouse. But it’s not her own vim and vigor, it’s because she is connected and plugged into the power of Holy Spirit. She actively pursues His power, purpose and presence in her life. And then she radiates it like an atomic bomb on other people. That is what you will find in this short book. You will see the power of the Holy Spirit that detonated in her life and it will ripple out to you in waves that will change your life. "

-Mary Ellen H, Marietta, GA

"Cindy writes from her incredible journey of healing! Very encouraging book of victory through Jesus!"

-Ronda D, Moms in Prayer group leader

“Thank you, Cindy Ussery, for sharing through your life story the hope and power of Jesus to overcome brokenness and bring about healing and restoration! This book encourages us to see that God can do amazing things in our lives, even in the midst of the most painful circumstances. Filled with biblically based strategies to experience God as our loving Father, I know that Look What God Can Do will positively impact many and lead them to new freedom in Christ."

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